Monthly Archives: January 2013

Jan. 27, 13: Stock World Weekly

Telling Tuesday

Blue chips report earnings

Wednesday Rally

GOOG and NFLX surge; AAPL plunges

Thawing Thursday

Making sense of AAPL’s sudden fall

Fabulous Friday Finish

We call this a recovery?

Week Ahead

Jan. 20, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Market Madness

Apple $500 Takes Down The Nasdaq

Testy Tuesday

Too Close To Dow 13,600 To Quit Now

Worrying Wednesday

How Low Can Apple Go? BA troubles and AAPL insights

Thursday Thrust

Economic optimism and a GOOG idea

Friday’s Fantastic Finish

China’s economy closes the week on a high-note

Week Ahead

Bet with the House

Event Horizons

Put Selling Strategy

Jan. 13, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Morning

Markets Must Maintain Momentum

Telling Tuesday

Earnings Season Is Upon Us

Whipsaw Wednesday

Down And Up We Go

Thrilling Thursday

880 Or Bust On The Russell

Friday’s Fantastic Finish

Russell All Time-High

Week Ahead

Comfortably Bullish

Event Horizons

Market Moving Forces

Exploring Equities

Glimpse into Future

Jan. 6, 13; Stock World Weekly

Monday Cliff Countdown

Not Worried—Are You?

Wild Start Wednesday

Happy New Year!

Thrilling Thursday

The Russell At All-Time High Small caps rally to jumpstart 2013

Flying Friday

Dow Up 500 To Start The Year

Week Ahead