Monthly Archives: April 2013

April 28, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Markets Up

Irrational exuberance; Netflix upbeat

Toppy Tuesday

Market top; Heralife play

Will We Hold It Wednesday

Blue-chip doldrums; Apple earnings

Thursday Already

Fed Stimulus; class divides


GDP down; China on-guard

Week Ahead

April 21, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Market Mayhem

China sours; Boston bombings

Terror-Tainted Tuesday

Housing humming; recovery revisited

Whipsaw Wednesday

Earnings downturn; falling gold

Thursday Fizzle

Earnings bearish; Phil bullish

TGI Friday

Earnings relief; inflation instigation

The Week Ahead

April 14, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Mark-Up

Earnings kickoff; bitcoin bluster

Toppy Tuesday

Market optimism; recharging AAPL

Which Way Wednesday

Fed minutes; Phil worried

Quadrillion Yen Thursday

Retail rally; bubble territory

Falling Friday

Downbeat data; binging on Berkshire

The Week Ahead

April 7, 13: Stock World Weekly

Monday Market Movement

Weak manufacturing data; social inequality

Toppy Tuesday

Improved auto sales; too high too soon?

Which Way Wednesday

Electric cars; happy homeowners

Quadrillion Yen Thursday

Downbeat news; Wall Street physics

TGI Friday

Employment sags; bird flu blues

The Week Ahead